Boundary Commission Proposals for Bournemouth West - Success with the first consultation - one small effort please

As you may have seen in the news the Boundary Commission reported the results of the consultation on their initial proposals suggested in 2016 . At that time we had grave concerns that without strong representation these proposals could be adopted which would have eliminated the Bournemouth West Constituency.

On Conor’s behalf we are delighted to be able to announce that in part thanks to the strong representation from the membership of the Bournemouth West Conservative Association the initial proposals have been scrapped in favour of suggestions made by the local constituents. The detail is contained in the attached documents ( Report pages 16-17) and can be seen on the Boundary Commission website -

In summary, Bournemouth West Constituency would continue to exist and gain one new ward Branksome West.

Conor is deeply grateful to you for your support in achieving this initial step in ensuring the continued existence of Bournemouth West. It is not however the end of the road.

The Boundary Commission is now proposing the revised position based on our local proposals. These broadly have cross party support but there are a few individuals that have alternative views. Therefore we need once last small effort in order to firmly rivet these revised proposals in place.

The final consultation now takes place between now and 11th December. Therefore on behalf of Conor please could we ask you to submit a response in favour of the revised proposals for Bournemouth West on the Boundary Commission website or by letter direct to the Boundary Commission.


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