The Boundary Commission for England and Wales is mandated to report to parliament every five years. The aim of the review is to equalise the size of parliamentary constituencies throughout the country reflecting changes in electoral population.

The latest review published in the autumn 2016 recommended such dramatic changes that both Bournemouth West and Bournemouth East would be abolished. If ever implemented there would be only one Bournemouth constituency called Bournemouth South, basically located along the sea front from Westbourne to Southbourne with no less than seven of the existing Bournemouth West wards distributed into Poole, Christchurch and Ferndown.

At the Public Hearings during November Conor Burns MP, Association Chairman Andrew Morgan and Association President John Major all spoke against the proposals and each submitted an agreed detailed amendment. Mr Major concluded his presentation by making a formal submission in the name of the Bournemouth West Conservative Association. A summary of the Implications and the Alternative Proposals from that submission can be seen by clicking.........

If you would like a full copy of the Association Report, please contact the office. The public consultation process concluded in December and the Boundary Commission is expected to publish their considerations in the spring.