Bournemouth Beats London as UK's fastest-growing Digital economy, says the Telegraph

For the last 4 years, your Conservative council has been working hard with local partners to promote the digital economy in Bournemouth.  We've focused on making it one of the top industries in the area after Tourism and Finance, because it's a source of future employment growth that fits beautifully with Bournemouth's advantages - both natural and digital. We've dedicated a team of economic officers to growing Bournemouth's economy and jobs, and one of their main focus areas has been promoting the digital economy in Bournemouth.  

Over 300 digital business such as digital media and software businesses exist in and around Bournemouth, and our efforts to hit critical mass are starting to pay off.  For example, building on the tremendous success of Bournemouth University's digitial alumni, who were responsible for 70% of the work on successes such as Toy Story and Avatar, major digital companies such as Frameworks are considering relocating to Bournemouth.  

It's great to see all the hard work starting to bear fruit.

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