Conor to support the Prime Minister and the Government in today's No Confidence Vote

Dear Resident,

This evening the House of Commons will vote on whether it has confidence in Her Majesty's Government.

I will vote to support the Government in that vote.

I have always been clear where I stand on Brexit and you can see below why I voted against the Withdrawal Agreement last night.

But I have been equally clear that whilst I disagree with the policy I support the Prime Minister.  It is about policy not personality.

What I am also very clear about is that a Labour Government under Jeremy Corbyn would be a disaster for our country.  His brand of high tax, nationalising, nannying, intervening Marxist Socialism would destroy this country.

So I will be supporting the Government in the lobbies tonight to stave off that disaster.

Yours sincerely,

Conor Burns MP


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