Knock'n'Drop Survey Results - sneak preview

Your local Conservative action team has been doing a "Knock'n'Drop" survey, going from door-to-door to find out what's important to you.  

Maybe you're one of the residents who's already completed the survey, and you want to see how your opinions compare to others in the same area.  Or maybe you just want to see what the people of Bournemouth think is important to them. 

Either way, here is a sneak preview of the early results.  We're doing a big push on this survey, so if you're a Conservative voter, and you want to get involved - then get in touch with the action team in your area to find out how to take the next step. 

We'll update these charts as the results come in, and when the final count's done, we'll email you our analysis of what it means for policy.

If you take part in the survey, we'll email you with a commentary on what it means for you personally - just be sure to include your email address on the survey.