Philip Broadhead

Philip Broadhead is a local businessman with three young children whose wife is a GP at the Talbot Medical Centre. He was elected as a Councillor for Talbot and Branksome Woods in 2015.

An active member of the community and a trustee of two local charities, Philip has lived in Bournemouth for most of his life and feels passionately about local issues. He went to Bournemouth School before studying at Warwick University. After spending some time working in London, he and his wife moved back to Bournemouth to raise their family.

Having lived backing onto Talbot Heath, he is keen to continue the valuable work of retired Conservative Councillor Stephen Chappell in opposing any overdevelopment on the  Heath. He wants to make sure that both Bournemouth University and the Arts University Bournemouth continue to grow in a sensitive way, and has already had productive  meetings with Bournemouth University along with his fellow Talbot Woods Conservative colleagues.

With one of his children attending a local nursery, he has a keen focus on family issues both in Talbot Woods and throughout Bournemouth. Philip has been a member of the Executive of Bournemouth West Conservative Association for over five years, and now serves as Deputy Chairman, Political and Campaigning. He is a committed campaigner and wants to work with as many Talbot Woods residents as possible. He knows the area well and will do whatever he can to protect and enhance it.