Roger Marley

Roger Marley has lived in Bournemouth since 1988 and worked for many years in the cinema business at the ABC and at the Pavilion Theatre. He is a Licensed Lay Minister in the Church of England and will soon have served the Diocese of Winchester and the Town Centre Parish for 30 years.

Since his election to serve you in Kinson South in 2011 he has worked hard to make this a better place to live. He makes it his business to get out and about in the area as much as he can to see what needs to be done and respond quickly to the concerns of residents.

Roger sees it as an honour and a privilege to be able to speak up for Kinson South and to make sure that this part of Bournemouth receives a fair allocation from the Council’s budget.

Roger’s latest commitment to the area has been the successful start for Bournemouth's first Community Cinema at the Henry Brown Centre. There has been a lot of work to bring this about and Rogers is thrilled that his