David d'Orton-Gibson

David has been proud to represent Redhill and Northbourne ward since the by-election of 2012. He is active both in the ward and in the Town Hall.Once elected, David immediately took steps to smarten up the area with a comprehensive programme of graffiti clearance, pot hole repairs and street lamp painting. Over 450 lamp posts in Redhill and Northbourne have now been painted as a direct result of his actions and residents have told him that some lamp posts had not been painted for 50 years! Looking after the area and keeping it as a special place to live is a key priority.

Jackie Edwards

Jackie moved to Bournemouth in 1993 buying a small hotel on the East Cliff with her young family. It is a busy but rewarding job and Jackie got involved with the local residents’ and hotel associations. Jackie is passionate about Bournemouth and its future whilst helping to retain some of its famous past.

Bob Chapman

Bob is a long standing member for Central Ward and was successfully re-elected in 2015. He has always taken a keen interest in Town Planning and is keen to protect our beautiful parks and gardens as well as those heritage buildings that make our town so special. He accepts too that Bournemouth needs to move forward too and welcomes the new developments that are bringing us a real economic revival.

Lynda Price

Lynda was born in Bournemouth and has been an active councillor for Talbot & Branksome Woods since 2004.Lynda is tenacious and prepared to explore every angle to solutions to help local residents of her ward. She is extremely motivated to get things done.A keen environmentalist, Lynda supports the protection of woodlands and wildlife, and believes strongly in the conservation of this area. She works to maintain the quality of life for residents and will resist intensive developments.

Nicola Greene

Born in Poole, Nicola went to school in Bournemouth before going on to study at Warwick University. With her husband Mike she returned to Bournemouth eight years ago with their sons who now attend a local secondary school.As Cabinet Member for Children's Services, Nicola is closely involved with schools, education and child protection. She has a passion and determination to do whatever she can to make sure that all our schools offer the best possible education to all local children.

Nigel Hedges

I have lived in Bournemouth all my life and myself and my two children were all educated at the same local schools. My wife works in Bournemouth and my children work for Seward and JP Morgan.I have run my small engraving business in the Town Centre for 40 years and we have lived in Talbot Village for the last 20 years. I was President of the Bournemouth Chamber of Trade for five years and ran a local sports car club for 26 years along with being a local school governor for a decade.

Susan Phillips

Wallisdown & Winton West really matters to me. It has been a privilege to serve local residents since 2011 and to do what I can to make this an even better place to live. 

John Beesley

John Beesley says: ‘As one of your Conservative Councillors since 2000, I am proud to represent Westbourne & West Cliff which is a special part of Bournemouth’.  ‘For local residents, being able to contact your Ward Councillor, knowing you will get a quick response and swift action to sort out your problem, has always been my priority. It has been a privilege to help so many local residents with their problems and to take up the challenges they face in their daily lives.’

Nick Rose

Having lived in Beaulieu Road, Alum Chine for 16 years, I’m often asked to help out with neighbourhood issues. So I am delighted to have been elected a Conservative councillor in 2015  to serve my community of Westbourne and West Cliff.

Rae Stollard

My home has been in Westbourne for the last 12 years and I love living in this part of Bournemouth. It has been my privilege to serve as a Conservative councillor for Westbourne and West Cliff since 2011.I make it my business to get “out and about” in the ward as often as I can. This helps me to find out what needs to be done and to have the chance to meet up with local residents.